The LEGEND Study is seeking adults with type 2 diabetes for an investigation of nutrition and health.

Are you trying to improve your diabetes through diet? Participate in the LEGEND Study, a University of Michigan and University of California – San Francisco study about nutrition, diabetes, and health!

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What is involved?

• Follow one of two promising dietary approaches for type 2 diabetes for 12 months: either the plate method approach or a very low carbohydrate (‘keto’) diet. If you join, you’ll be randomly assigned to one of these two diets, both of which appear helpful for people with type 2 diabetes.

• Join weekly, and then monthly, group-based online classes for one year with a teacher who will support you as you make changes to your way of eating and lifestyle.

• Learn about making long-lasting habit changes fit into your life.

• Complete study measurements at the start of the study, and again at month 4 and month 12. These will include a blood draw, an in-person appointment, and some online surveys.

You might be eligible if you are 21 or older and have type 2 diabetes. Participants who are eligible and complete the 12 month trial may receive up to $170.

Read the consent forms for more details about study participation.

Screening consent form.

Main consent form for participants recruited at the University of Michigan.

Main consent form for participants recruited at the University of California.


Questions? Email or call us:

• (Michigan) or (California)

• 734-763-1997 (Michigan) or 415-353-9723 (California)

Primary Investigator: Dr. Laura Saslow, PhD (University of Michigan) with site lead Dr. Rick Hecht, MD (University of California San Francisco)

Approved research: HUM00202808
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